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  • Fast Hair Straightener

    Anti Burn protection – Our special Anti-Burn Protection Technology keeps the heat where it’s supposed to be and won’t burn your hair or your hand!
    New Anion Technology removes static electricity from your hair and combines with the air to produce moisture and help nourish your hair.

    *Anion Anti-Static Technology.
    *Ready to straighten in 30 seconds.
    *Brush & Straightens Hair in an amazing 5 Seconds!
    *Can be used for a relaxing Head Massage.
    *Full LCD display.

    *Voltage: DC110v-220v
    *Power : 29 W
    *Wire length: about 230cm
    *Heating time / optimal styling time : 30 seconds
    *Thermostatic : 185 degree
    *Max temperature: 230 degree
    *Thermostat adjustment segments :5 degree

    10 Increments to adjust the temperature , every rate can change 5 degrees Celsius
    1. Choose temperature of 210-230 degrees Celsius for a fine hair
    2. Choose temperature of the 190-210 degrees Celsius for general hair
    3. Choose temperature of 170-200 degrees Celsius for soft hair.
    4. Please press on-off key and hold for 3 seconds to turn it on, and press on-off key and hold for 3 seconds to turn it off.

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